Our philosophy

The safety of seafarers and the responsibility of shore-based decision makers is what drives the Sepcotech Philosophy.

We believe in using biochemistry, inspired by natural process, to delvelop the least hazardous solutions to cleaning and maintenance challenges.

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Compact, Safe, and Reliable!

DG12 is our Cleaning and Maintenance product line and the result of customer driven R&D.


Sepcotech’s R&D is dedicated to the Maritime Industry.
Our product development embraced three critical elements of products offered.


DG12 has a global reach and is sold through our globally located distributors.

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Sepcotech performs research and development activities well knowing that space onboard commercial vessels is limited. Compact products reduce transportation costs and logistics expenses. E.g. less trucking is needed and less space when loading a barge for final delivery to the vessel.
Many conventional products take up more space simply by containing a lot of water. For our distributors, customers, and final users, ‘Compact’ means that we made a product that requires minimum space and transportation costs.


Sepcotech’s research and development aims for products that are both safe for users and our earth. We know that crew safety onboard vessels is not taken for granted. Any breach of safety is expensive and even more dangerous at sea than on shore. Whenever we consider a product ‘Safe’, the product is safe in use-situations, it requires less personal protection equipment than conventional products, and does not damage to the environment.
Sepcotech appreciates seafarers and recognize their efforts and contribution to global maritime trade. The families of seafarers are also appreciated, and on their behalf, we desire safe and healthy seagoing family members.


Sepcotech’s research and development approaches marine challenges with a constant focus on the reliability of products. We know that time is valuable in shipping, and therefore we aim to design products that are reliable in solving these challenges without compromising the ‘Compact’ and ‘Safe’ characteristics. Sepcotech aspires to develop products with no expiration date.
Prior to any product launch, we test the product outside the lab, onboard vessels with those who inspired the product. Therefore, whenever we label a product ‘Reliable’, the product has been tested in practise ensuring that it delivers under real circumstances within the given timeframe.