Customer driven R&D 

The Sepcotech philosophy is a result of customer driven research and development by experienced bio chemists and a team of top professional chemical manufacturers.


Safety First - One step ahead

The safety of seafarers and the responsibility of shore-based decision makers is what drives the sepcotech philosophy. Essentially, the sepcotech philosophy is born to support your safety culture without compromising the results!

At Sepcotech we care about crew safety and vessels operations as they are the backbone of global trade and development. We are aware of safety concerns and regulatory frameworks on environmental performance and aim to always be one step ahead, so our customers can be as well!


Vessel Operations

These same vessels and crew are under great time pressure when preparing the vessel for the next job. Especially unplanned delays can be devastating for the profitability of a cargo. We believe that products should be tested thoroughly to ensure their reliability.


Alternative solutions

We believe in using the least hazardous solution to all problems. We aim to supply chemical solutions requiring the least possible safety equipment making onboard work safe with as little strenuous protection as possible.
Using biochemistry, inspired by natural processes, we find that there is always an alternative to inflicting any lasting damage to the environment.

We work to make a difference by creating cleaning products which are compact, safe and reliable. By using highly sophisticated biochemicals, we do just that!


Local Distributors. Global Reach

Sepcotech products have a global reach and are sold through our globally located distributors. We have certified distributors who can add value through high quality service experience.Any certified distributor can advise you on how to strengthen your safety culture with Sepcotech products.

To make it easy for you to change from your current chemical products to Sepcotech products, without additional cost, and we work with many international maritime chemical distributors.

If your preferred supplier is still not carrying Sepcotech products have them contact